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Now everyone can make a movie. Thanks to ZIMMER TWINS!

Holla :-)

I am in a pretty good mood today as I just finished making my first own movie (actually more like animation...but its still cool.:p). Yup. I am using Zimmer Twins, the new website that I would like to introduce today. Oh. Before I forget, I just knew an interesting fact about Zimmer Twins which I don't think many people know about it unless they really search it. It is about how Zimmer Twins got its name....Ha3. I will only tell you at the end of this entry. So, try to guess about what is it as you go through this entry.

The font looks spooky, right?


Zimmer Twins is a website which allows you to make movie using the predetermined characters,expressions, actions, and backgrounds. Unlike Dvolver, (the movie making website I introduced earlier) this website is way too awesome. The quality is very good. Its almost as good as Happy Tree Friends cartoon and you dont have to have a degree in movie making course to made a movie. Futhermore, it is so simple to use.You should to try it!


The tool is suitable for students who:
  • beginner, intermediate and advance level of English. Personally, I think it is more suitable to be used with students who are in beginner and lower intermediate English level as the website allows limited words entered in a dialogue bubble. So, students with advance level might find it boring. But again, it depends on how you used it.:-)


  • speaking activity
In a lesson, teacher can introduced the website to the students. Giving a short introduction and short demonstration on how to use the website would be very helpful for the students as it can help the students understand how to use the website. Next, teacher can divide the students into a group of three students and ask them to make a short movie. Give them appropriate time to finish it (it shouldn't take longer than 30 minutes). Ask the students to send the movie to your email (I will explained why later). Ask each group to present their movie and other students can ask questions. Make sure all the group member have turn speaking
Note: This lesson might take 2 hours to complete
  • writing activity
From the speaking activity above, teacher can ask students to write an essay which include a scene form the movie that they produced earlier. The activity can be done as a homework.

  • The tool can increase students motivation as it allows students to express themselves through their creativity in making movies. 

  • The quality of the movie is very good
  • It is very fun and can be motivating for students
  • It is easy to use and simple
  • It allows students to be creative in designing their own story line for a movie
  • It is partially free- If you want to get access to more characters,  characters,expressions, actions, and backgrounds, you will need to pay for VIP membership (which is not too expensive)

  • I dont quite like that it is partially free
  • Like Dvolver, the characters dont have voice- but there are sound effects!
  • We can't embedded or share it in blog. If we want to put in the blog, we have use other tool (like Vodpod). The only way to share the video is by sending it to emails. That is why in suggested activity previously, you have to ask the students to send it to your email
  • The words that you can write in the dialogue bubble is limited


Step 1: Go to Zimmer Twins

Step 2: Sign up for free. (they will need your parents'email 
            to send a password but you can give your email 

Step 3: Select what do you want to do- Make a movie or  
            Watch a movie. If you want to watch a movie, just 
            click at Watch a movie and choose the movie that 
            you like

Step 4: If you want to make a movie, click on Make a movie

Step 5: You can choose either want to make a movie using 
            the given starters (so, you will only have to make 
            the  ending) or  from scratch (you will have to make   
            the movie all by you own)

Step 6: To make it easier, you can click at How to Make a 
            Movie button where there will be a simple 
            introduction on how to make a movie- believe me, 
            its useful!

Step 7: Start making your movie

Step 8: You can send your movie to a friend's email.

Choose either want to make or watch a movie

Decide either you want to use a given starter or make from scratch
Start making movie


  • REMEMBER! You must sign up first. If not, the movie you made is not save and you can't view it once you leave the website
  • As you adding plot, you can always delete the previews plot or adding the new one. Plus you can also view how your movie is progressing although you didn't finish the movie yet. Its very helpful.:-)

I already made mine and I am very happy about it.At least I manage to made a movie. Yay! But as I told you before, I can't embedded it in my blog ( I am too busy to use Vodpod). So, I can't show you my first movie.Sobs..T_T..But to show you how a movie from Zimmer Twins looks like, I had put one (which I got from youtube). I also put a Happy Tree Friends video so that you can compare the quality. 

BEWARE: Happy Tree Friends video might contains scene that can make one feel dizzy.Don't watch if you might get dizzy seeing blood, brain etc.

The quality is not bad right? Go and make your movie and if you think its good, you can send it to my email. Can't wait to see yours.(mood:excited!)

*how Zimmer Twins got its name?
Zimmer Twins is the characters! Edgar and Eva is a twin! Surprised? (I do as I first found out). And their family name is Zimmer.:-)

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