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Just click to learn with CLICKnLEARN

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Have you ever feel bored doing exercise in a piece of paper? Well if you do, maybe you can sometimes try doing it online. There are many good websites that offer good exercises that can cater your level. Thus, in this entry, I will give you some important information about Click n Learn website. Without more time wasting babbling, lets look at the website together!

Yup, just click the mouse to learn!


It is a website which offers students with lots of exercise in different levels. The exercises are presented in fun and interesting way with colourful images and sounds. What's more interesting is, the website can be used in 4 languages!( English, Francais, Valencia or Espanol). The website is actually develops for Spanish speakers but as they also offer Engkish language, we also can use it.:-)


 The tool is suitable for  students who are:
  • beginner and intermediate level of English. The advance level of students might find the exercises are boring.

  • assist teacher to give clear example and explanation
As the website is full of colour and fun, it might be motivated for the students if teacher can use the example given in the website as example in teaching English. For example, when teaching preposition, teacher can use the visual in the websites to show how the object is situated to students. It might help students to understand it clearly as they can see the object's position. Plus, in some grammar topics, the websites also offer explanation on how to use certain grammar rules
  • testing students understanding of a topic
Just to let you know, the exercise in the website is printable! So, you can print it and give them to your students as an extra exercise to them. But remember, DO NOT give them loads of them as it might get your students become lazy (thus, the end up not doing it). Just give some exercises that you think might test whether the got what you have taught for that day. 2 sheets are the maximum number of handout that you can gave!
  •  an option for students to practice language at home
Although I am not very sure how many students will do the exercise willingfully at home (because I dont do untold exercise-the one that you do without teacher telling you to do.:p), but you can give a try. The teacher can suggest the website for students to do at home.

  • The tool can be used to promote autonomous learning among students. By doing the listening practise at home, students are responsible for their own learning. Autonomy is important in language learning as it more effective and solve the motivation issue (either the students are interested to engaged in the activity or not)

  • It provides good explanation about how to use grammar rules
  • It gives clear example which might really help students to understand certain things in English
  • With all those colours, visuals and sound effects, it will definitely attract students' interest to learn
  • It is easy to use
  • It is FREE!

  • The first thing that I found quite annoying about the website is that the level is based on Spanish students. So for those non- Spanish students, you might find it hard at first to find your level- you might have to try all the level to know where yours are. (I wonder, why don't they just put beginner, intermediate and advance level?Its easier. hmmph)
  • The back button. I have an issue with the back button in this website! Firstly, their existence is not consistent  Some of the exercises have it, some don't. Seccondly, once you click the back button, you will have to start the activity all over again! ARGHH! Its very distressful! 
  • User has lack of control on the activity they are doing. The exercises are supposed to  be answered according to their sequence and unless you can answer the question correctly, you will stuck at the question FOREVER. If you are in this situation, you can do three things. One way is you can click one back button and go to the explanation to get the correct answer. BUT then, you will have to start the activity all over again. Second way is, you can just click the next button and doing another activity. BUT, you will lost all the marks the previous exercise offered. Third way is you can just leave the website and go watching Youtube (which what I've been doing)


Step 1: Go to

Step 2: Click ENTER SITE and it will open the tool in Flash  

Step 3: Choose your language

Step 4: Shoot at menu and choose your level (at left 

Step 5: Choose the topic you want to do

Step 6: Start learning!


Shoot at Menu
Choose you level and topic of activity at the left hand site

To give you a better picture on how the activity will look like, I had embedded a video which shows you how to use the website and how the activity look like. Briefly. 

Okay. So, how do you feel about the website? Try it! And leave the comment here. I would love to know how you feel about the website as I am not really like. But, different people has different view. That's all for this entry. Have fun trying it!;-)

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