Thursday, October 13, 2011


Dear all (who viewing my blog now, of course!),

This is my first time blogging. So, I'm quite nervous and excited at the same time.(~,~)

Just for a short introduction, my blog will be all about how to make learning English easier with technology. I will regularly (I will try my best to make it regular ) put websites or programmes that in my opinion can help us to learn English easily and most importantly in FUN way! Plus, I will also try to make all the posts as simple and easy to understand as possible, so we all can get benefit from it. 

Every time I introduced a website, I will point out the advantages and disadvantages of using it. But, they are all my personal views (based on my 'research' about the website, of course!). So, you can decide yourself either want to use it or not- the decision is in your hand!

Oh, before I forget, please forgive me for the informality of the language I used in my blog. I just want to make it more casual and friendly. Despite the informal language used,  it's still reliable though!

I think, that is enough for this 'welcome post'. I do really hope that my blog can help you guys out there in learning or teaching. 

p/s: as i am very new in this, (i mean, 'this blogging things'), i do welcome comments and suggestions to make it better. 


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